“Sorry we don’t rent our house to singles,” this statement never comes as a surprise to us. We singles have become so used to listening ‘no’ when it comes to finding a rental house for ourselves. We are no less than criminals to the landlords and sometimes even worse! Nobody acknowledges the fact that we are independent and capable of living all alone and handling our own deals. The fact is, being independent seems to be an unusual suspicious matter to most of the landlords. It is, as if all the misfortunes happening in the State are the deeds of singles. Some very unconvincing yet persisting reasons why singles face problems on a rental hunt are:

A single woman/man carries a sign board of DANGER according to the landlords. Being single means you will be having friends over at your place and that for sure will include the opposite sex (ALERT). It’s not an undeniable fact that sexual crimes are at peak but hello, not every person can be weighed in the same category (but that’s what we think and not the landlords)! Landlord’s one bad experience can ruin the perception of every independent single human being in his entire universe.

Oh and the landlords want stability! Seriously? Landlords prefer family over single people any day because they do not want any ‘chikk chikk’ (nuisance). Families are more dependable, stable and trustworthy (as if they are some saints who can never go wrong) and the list of their adjectives goes on and on.

According to the owners, being single definitely means you won’t be paying as much the rent as they are expecting and might even have some excuses at the beginning of every month for paying the rent late. Bollywood, please come to our rescue and save us, the sinking ones. It’s time for you to help us improve our image and tell the cruel landlords that we do pay our rents responsibly and above that, do NOT bother our landlords much!

Apart from all this, security of single people, especially women, is a burden to them. Itni tension kaun le! (who is going to take so much tension) The fact that we can take good care of ourselves and are mature enough to handle situations, landlords prefer keeping away from singles because it is such a BIG DEAL! Come on singles, you gotta understand that we are just a burden and useless creatures who bring all sorts of trouble with them! (If that’s the case, we deserve no place on this planet Earth, no?)

Give us a break!

The problem is not with the single people out there but with the mentality that has been stretched for too long now. The notion that giving a house on rent to a single means inviting mishap has to change.

Until that happens, NayaRoomie’s got your back all the single men and ladies!

On our portal you can look up for flats let out by students and professionals across the country. The best part is that since these properties had singles (more often than not) living there already, it's easier to convince the landlords and avoid the unreasonable excuses of landlords. You can also find people who are looking to search for flats by forming a group or can continue your search for properties individually. And if that's not enough, NayaRoomie has an intelligent search helping you connect with your like-minded flatmate. You can finally choose where you want to live and with whom!

Cherry on the top, we let you choose who contacts you by setting your gender preferences and let you send messages without sharing your personal contact details. (Sorry stalkers, we don't like you!).

Sign up. Search. Settle.

- By Ananya Narang

Pic credit: pexels.com