Not the new college/work place, not the new culture, not even the new landlord but the nervousness is all about the new flatmate. Are they going to be a pain in the ass? Or the stars of my destiny are going to shine bright this time and I’ll be gifted with ‘the perfect’ flatmate?

Your entire stay can be ruined by just one mistake: staying with the wrong flatmate. Let’s not rely upon the destiny to choose your flatmate and play the trial and error game. Just a few questions before moving in and bam, you might hit the jackpot. Flatmate of your dreams.
So, here’s a list of question you MUST ask your roomie before moving in.
How are you?

Ok. Just kidding. You need not ask that of course.

On a serious note, here are a few questions we can bet will end up saving you the nightmare.
And you too, have to answer these questions. Match the compatibility and be the best of flatmates ever.

Who’s paying the grocery bills?

  • Divide it equally
  • Pay for your respective shopping
  • One person every month

- Believe us, this is the most irritating thing when you alone end up paying all the bills. Rising prices, rising expenses!

How frequent are your visitors?

  • Every weekend
  • They are never leaving our place
  • Once in a month
  • Don’t have much friends

- You thought you had only one flatmate but surprise surprise, here’s a package you got!

What time do you normally go to bed?

  • The night owl
  • Early to bed, early to rise
  • Walk and talk in sleep sometimes
  • Provides background music all night long

-Night owl but mind your own business types? Perfect, welcome flatmate. Night owl and also not letting the other person sleep? We aren’t getting back together. Walk and talk? Oh, do I know you?

Alcohol? Drugs? Smoke?

  • None
  • Just alcohol and a lil bit of smoke and sometimes drugs
  • I smoke only when I drink
  • Yes, I’m an alcoholic but say no to smokes

- When you have an addictive flatmate, what trouble it can cause is something we need not tell you.

Relationship status?

  • Single but entertaining someone every weekend
  • Way too serious
  • Long distance
  • Single and least bothered

- Nobody wants too much drama in their lives that too because of someone else’s relationship. Apna toh sambhalta nahi! (can’t handle their own personal dramas!)

Are you the disturbing kinds?

  • Want someone to talk to 24*7
  • Don’t bother anyone, lost in self

- If you are the quiet one and your flatmate is the chatterbox, better think twice!

My room is

  • Worse than a garbage bin
  • Looks clean but the drawers and almirah know the secret
  • Reflection of my mood
  • Tidy and perfect, always
  • I have undiagnosed OCD

- A stinky place? Who’s totally okay with it? Not us for sure. Or there’s anything type. What about the ones who even make sure the bean bag is in perfect shape ?
Ask your world be flatmate to answer these and pledge to be true guys. If not honest, you’re going to regret moving in together in no time soon. Save yourself the trouble.

And when you find one…

Yeah, you’re welcome.