Moving to a new place requires so much effort and it is such a tedious task. First, you got to find a property dealer then visit door to door till you find that one house you can finally adjust in (which has to be far away from your relatives for sure). Next up is what your new friends will be like, how long will it take to commute to work/uni, who will cook you the delicious food and keep the place kempt, when will you get back the internet connection and the laundry list is just too long. And what about your flatmate? You can still afford to make a mistake in other matters but the most important of all is finding the right person you are going to share your flat with. And in all probability, it won't be just sharing a common space but sharing a journey which will leave you with loads of memories to cherish. And unfortunately sometimes, the hassle begins again just in case your 'perfect' flatmate moves to a different location. Looking to find that awesomeness of your old flatmate again? It's exhausting... until you have 'NayaRoomie' – finding you like-minded flatmates who become friends for life

'NayaRoomie' is just an initiative to make your tiring and worrisome search of flat and flatmate quick and hassle less. We give you the platform to connect with like-minded people sharing similar backgrounds in terms of education, profession, hometown as you. And what is it that you have to do for it? Simple.

Sign up. Search. Settle.

How does NayaRoomie work?

  • Rent a property

    We want to make your transition to new surroundings easier by helping you to find your ideal flatmate. We help you locate NayaRoomies who are looking to share flats: either they are already living in one and have a vacancy or are looking to buddy up and search a flat together with someone else (potentially you!).

  • Find a property

    Depending on the information shared by you, our robust algorithm makes clever suggestions for NayaRoomies you might want to share your flat with. The algorithm matches things like profession, age, education, hometown, among other things to come up with suggestions for your potential flatmate.

  • Work with our team

    Once you post a requirement/property on the website, you are not alone. We are with you in your search. We take the responsibility to hasten the process for you with our various tools and social media networks. What we need your help on, is to answer your emails/phone calls.

  • FAQs

    Anything else on your mind? Quench your curiosity with answers to some frequently asked questions.

Founding Roomies

  • Meet Co-founder

    A graduate from IIT Delhi, works as an Investment Banker in London. Motorcycle and travel enthusiast.

  • Puneet Co-founder

    A graduate from IIT Bombay, works as a Googler in London. Data analytics and adventure enthusiast.